College Station Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Meeting Times

  Time In-Person Online
Sabbath School--Adult (English) Sat. 10:00am Yes (indoors) No
Sabbath School--Adult (Spanish) Sat. 10:00am No via Zoom
Sabbath School--Young adult Sat. 10:00am Yes (outdoors if weather permits) No
Sabbath School--Beginner (ages 0-3) Sat. 10:00am Yes (indoors) No
Sabbath School--Kindergarten (ages 4-7) Sat. 10:00am Yes (indoors) No
Sabbath School--Primary (ages 7-10) Sat. 10:00am Yes (indoors) No
Sabbath School--Older Children N/A No See resources below
Worship Service @ 9:00am Sat. 9:00am Canceled until late May, 2021 No
Worship Service @ 11:15am Sat. 11:15am Yes (indoors) via Youtube
Prayer Meeting Wed. 6:00pm No via Zoom

updated on 5/3/2021.

MaSK Survey

Our church board is requesting feedback on whether masks should be required or optional. Please give you feedback here via a survey.

In-person Meetings (whether Indoors or outdoors)

  • Please wear a mask!
  • Please don't come if you have symptoms or suspect you might be getting sick.


Texas A&M / Blinn Student?

Are you a Texas A&M or Blinn student and want to connect with fellow Adventists on your campus? Connect with our Adventist Christian Fellowship club, which is still active online and outdoors during this coronavirus situation.

Children's Sabbath School

These resources will help parents lead Sabbath Schools for their children.

Younger children general resources, also there is A Place To Do Something. Also, Texas Conference kids resources.

Older children general resources, also Young Disciples resources. Also, free magazines: Young Disciples Magazine and Guide Magazine


  • The Adventist Church's Children's Ministries has a lot of resources for your kids.
  • Your Story Hour is now giving one free story per day. 
  • Some excellent resources for navigating these troublesome times caused by COVID. 

Tithes & Offerings

To return tithes and offerings, we have Online Giving

Other Resources outside of our local church

Let us "set our minds on what is above, not on what is on the earth" (Colossians 3). There are lots of great sermons and resources online that can help us grow. Here are just a few to get you started.

Other Sabbath Schools online:

Other sermons online:

And of course there is Hope Channel, which streams 24/7 (also available on Roku and similar devices).

Quick tip: I find that the audio-only sermons (e.g., MP3, podcasts) are more useful. That way instead of staring at the screen I'm staring at my Bible!

Also, if you haven't heard the Adventist History Podcast (also on your podcast app), you are in for a treat. Be sure and start with episode #1.


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