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Loving and Guiding all to know Jesus, to Grow in Jesus, and to Go be like Jesus


This term when used in Acts 2:42-47 conveyed the unity and harmonious effect of a Christian's communion with God, and fellowship with each other. Likewise, it is the aim of Koinonia Ministries to lead men, women and families into saving relationships with God. Through Bible-based practices we minister to the spiritual, physical, mental and social needs of individuals. In turn, we empower them to act on their faith and utilize their unique gifts to serve Him, hereby enhancing the body of Christ.

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Family Ministries

Mission: To aid in God's healing of the Families by inspiring hope and deeper commitments through training and fellowship among different family relations (Marriage, Parent-Children, and Sibling relationships).

Vision: Help strengthen families so they thrive in their family relations through Christ's love and live in harmony as the Family of God.


Children's Ministries

Mission: Loving and guiding all children to follow Christ and live as Christians at home, school and at play.

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Women's Ministries

Mission: Our women's ministry exists to empower women to reach their full potential, encourage them in their faith journey, evangelize to spread the Gospel's message of love and hope, and enlighten minds with the wisdom of God's word.

Through our activities and events, we aim to create a supportive community where women can grow spiritually and make a positive impact in their lives and the lives of others.

Vision: Loving and guiding all women to empower, encourage, evangelize and enlighten.

Warrior Women of Prayer: This is a ministerial group of ladies charged with the responsibility of learning and practicing the effectiveness of prayer. In so doing accountability is exercised, support is rendered and overall love and compassion is experienced. WWOP Prayer meeting is on every second Sunday of the month at 7:30 a.m via Zoom - We’ve experienced a lot of victories while supporting each other. Follow us on Facebook.
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Men's ministries

Mission:  Loving and guiding all men to be complete, that is: Spiritually Sound, Mentally and Physically Healthy.

"Love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind."

Matthew 22:37


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This Warrior Women of Prayer initiative was birth through the desire for breakthroughs, revelations, freedom from sin, and blessings for yourself or others. Some things are only wrought through prayer and fast (Mark 9:29), so commit yourself to this Daniel Fast: Sanctification Challenge, use the guide provided and experience the immense blessings the Lord has for you.  



For Love's Sake ChallengE

Week 1 

The insidious nature of racism is what makes it difficult for people to see and understand. Often unintentionally we can send subliminal yet clear messages that racism should not be mentioned or discussed (MSC Stand Up Against Racism Initiative, October 9, 2020). However, does the lack of engagement really do us any good? By not studying the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, does that make the coming of Jesus less apparent? I hope you believe it will not. By no means are we purporting that it should overwhelmingly consume all of your family time or activities. On the contrary, it should not be dismissed or summed up as one of those unraveling fates of end time prophecy that do not require our attention.  It is at our home we learn about God's love and how we should love others. These are formative beliefs that shape how we live. The issue of racism challenges our belief system, hence the conversation of racism, more so, the call to action to deal with this issue must take place at home. The following are resources for approaching racism with God-directed inspiration and guidance.

For love's sake:


Week 2

Often unintentionally, adults send subliminal, but very clear, messages to children that race and racism is not to be discussed or even mentioned. To change the racial inequities that exist, we must talk about the differences in humanity with our kids, including the social injustices currently happening in our communities (MSC Stand Up Against Racism Initiative, October 6, 2020, Our goal is to help children understand their uniqueness as it relates to skin color, culture, birthplace, religion etc., how it can affect them or others in society, and most importantly, encourage their response as followers of Christ.

To be effective, these conversations must be frequent and explicit, in unmistakable terms that children understand (MSC Stand Up Against Racism Initiative, October 6, 2020). The following are helpful resources for approaching this topic with your family. It is focused on those who care for children. Critical conversations about social injustice must occur in the home, church, and all foundational institutions, if we want to ensure that our youth have the right beliefs about themselves, the world they live in, and the world to come.

For love's sake:

  • Understand the societies we are called to reach - watch this video.
  • Watch this video and know that our members have had, and are having similar experiences. Take the time to actively listen and empathize with others.
  • Use the tools from the article "Kids Let's Talk" to have the conversation with your child/ren.
  • Complete with your family "Do Justice, Love Mercy- iFollow Bible Study Guide".


Week 3

We are living in unprecedented times when we are called to be the sermons we preach. In our society where so many people are hurting and suffering senseless losses and devastation, we as Christians have a responsibility to reach them with the hope found in Jesus Christ. In our frailty, our past tells of instances where we did not always handle social issues well and paid the penalty for that. No more can we be silent on these issues, or turn a blind eye, or dig a hole in the sand and bury our heads. Especially when the victims are members of the family of God.

Through the For Love's Sake Challenge, we are trying to mobilize our church to become unified, to achieve His mission, educate us on societal ills as well as to encourage us to commit to take appropriate actions to combat these issues. This marks the last day of information being disseminated for this challenge. However, our call to action is still necessary. Why is this important? (1) Our representation of the Gospel is at stake (2) The very purpose we call ourselves a church is being questioned (3) Our church's mission makes this important. 

We thank you for taking the time to educate yourself and observe this challenge. Now the last heed is for us to come together and move forward, celebrating Diversity and Inclusion.

For Love's Sake: