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set our minds on what is above, not on what is on the earth

Colossians 3

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Quick tip: I find that the audio-only sermons (e.g., MP3, podcasts) are more useful than ones with video. That way instead of staring at the screen I'm staring at my Bible!

Also, if you haven't heard the Adventist History Podcast (also on Apple and Google podcasts), you are in for a treat. Be sure and start with season #1 episode #1.

Bible Study Guides

Feel free to contact us--we can drop off Bible study guides to your home, meet in person, meet online (e.g., like Zoom). Or study by yourself with these great online Bible study guides.

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Sharing Jesus with non-English speakers

  • helps share Jesus in almost every language under the sun. For an idea of what they offer in other languages, see what they have in English.